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Alligators and Crocodiles are considered holdovers from the age of dinosaurs. These reptiles spend their entire lives in and around the water, using it for hunting and even the raising of offspring. They are similar in appearance to one another, their bodies large and bulky, supported by legs best suited to paddling, Their heads feature eyes and nostrils located on top of a long, toothy snout, designed for seeing and breathing easily above the surface, while their bodies are submerged. Although solitary animals, some species will hunt cooperatively, using group strength to pull apart a large animal that one could eat by itself. Click here for more info...

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A crocodile's jaws are incredibly powerful, able to easily snap bones with about 3.5 metric tons of pressure. But all that muscle power goes into closing their jaws, not opening them -- a person could easily hold a crocodile's jaws closed with their bare hands.


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