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While local wild birds offer their own uniqe birdwatching experience, tropical climates and rainforest environments seem to attract the most vibrantly colored and exotic of bird species. Birds are extremely visual animals, and while you may be familiar with the sight of a bright red male cardinal, imagine the colors and patterns a bird must produce to compete with flowers and trees as brilliant as those in jungle forests. From rainbow lorikeets to vibrant macaws, tropical birds are perhaps the most visually stunning members of the bird family.

Parrots aren't just another pretty face. Well-known among bird-owners as being incredibly intelligent (comparable in some cases to a five year old child), they can be taught (or teach themselves) not only how to mimic human speech, but to understand the actual meaning behind the words. African Gray parrots are well-known for their ability to solve problems and identify objects and people by name.


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